Vega is a many cores cluster and member of the CECI.

The cluster is specialised to run SMP and MPI jobs but is also suitable to run HTC jobs (many single core jobs).

Vega description

The Vega cluster is composed of 44 nodes each featuring 4 CPUs for a total of 64 cores and 256 GB of RAM. Compute nodes are inter-connected via an Infiniband QDR network. There is a GPFS storage of ~70 TB with reasonable IO performances. Two compute nodes have 1x an NVIDIA GPGPU K20 accelerator.
The cluster was installed in 2013 and hasn't changed since then. The workload on the cluster is generally high. The maximum walltime is of 14 days.


Vega is freely accessible by the members of all the Wallonie-Bruxelles universities (ULB, UCL, ULg, UNamur & UMons). You need to create a CECI account to access the clusters. See the CECI documentation for more details. We impose limitations on the number and type of jobs that can be executed since this is a shared environment and therefore everyone need a chance to get jobs started.


The HPC offering on Vega is limited to ensure proper and efficient usage. With an HPC team fully formed in 2017, the following services can be officially presented.


The most critical one! The whole team is involved in support, from answering simple practical questions to co-working on complex requests.

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Most of the software is available as modules. If you want an extra - freely available - software, let us know.

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System Administration

The cluster is continuously maintained: security patches, OS upgrades, hardware replacement etc. The HPC team works on it daily.

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  • 44

    Compute nodes

  • 70

    TB of storage

  • 1200


  • 800000

    Jobs per year

Limits on Vega

User limits

Name Limit
Number of running jobs Maximum 500 jobs
Number of concurrent usable cores Maximum 1024
Number of jobs in the queue per user Maximum 2000 jobs
Memory per job Maximum is 256 GB per core/node.
Home & work space Quota (soft and hard) set to 6 TB. Home and work (scratch) space are the same.
Walltime for jobs Maximum allowed is 336 hours

Vega latest news

03 August 2018

Vega is back online


Works on the power grid of the ULB/VUB SISC datacenter are over. Vega is now back online.

30 July 2018

Vega stopped on Friday 3rd of August between 8:00 and 12:00


Works will take place on the power grid of the ULB/VUB SISC datacenter on Friday 3rd of August between 8:00 and 12:00. Electric lines powering Vega will be offline. We have therefore prepared the cluster for a shutdown. No job will be ...

28 June 2018

Maintenance completed successfully


We have completed the maintenance works: Vega is again accessible and queued jobs are now running. The nodes operating system was updated and Slurm was upgraded to version 17.11.7.

Vega in pictures

Want to know what Vega looks like? Here are some pictures of the cluster.

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