About Us & HPC

The ULB HPC team works within the Pôle Technologies, part of the Informatics Department.
The HPC service aims at maintaining HPC clusters, providing easy and simple access for ULB users, offering a wide range of (scientific) software, hosting dedicated resources and helping researchers to achieve high level and high performing research.

We are permanently busy working on many different tasks and projects.

  • User support
  • Clusters management
  • Research projects accompany
  • Technological surveillance
  • Software installation
  • Training courses
  • Documentation
  • CECI partnership

Recent News

We try to keep you informed as much as possible about clusters status and ongoing projects. Below are the most recent posted news.

22 November 2021

Budget for a new CECI ULB cluster


The Région Wallonne has allocated a budget to ULB for purchasing a new HPC cluster, aiming at replacing the former Vega CECI ULB cluster. The public market and the installation of the new cluster will take place during the course of 2022.

27 October 2020

The Vega cluster has been stopped


After almost seven years of service, the Vega cluster has been switched off. The central storage system had a major failure beyond reparation, right before the announced date of decommissionning.

Our Services

Below are summarised the services offered to the ULB users. Follow the links to gain more information about each service.


The most important and resources demanding service! We receive many questions requiring sometimes a simple and quick answer, sometimes heavy and lengtly work.

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There are many software you want to use. We constantly install, compile and optimise new software to make them run at top speed on our infrastructure.

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You prepare a new project requiring computation? You plan to purchase computing power? Please contact us first and involve us from the earliest steps!

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To make your jobs running as fast as possible, our clusters must be as efficient as possible. The HPC SysAdmins have deep knowledge of hardware, systems and networks.

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Some of you jumped into BigData. Same for us! We are getting ready for this with a dedicated new platform in construction.

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Extra resources

If you need more than what is offered for free, there are several solutions in place and in preparation. But those are paid services.

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